Exoplanet Atmosphere Observability Table

Catalog Overview

The Exoplanet Atmosphere Observability Table (EAOT) provides data about exoplanets from exoplanets.org, NExSci, and TOIs.

Catalog Tables and Additional Information
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Observability observabilityView EAOT observabilityView Fields

Getting Started

Quick Start

For more detailed information on using the API, continue below to Usage.

Example 2: EAOT with specific planet name

Search EAOT catalog where planet name is like “HAT”


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Specify Output Columns

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The EAOT API can be accessed using GET or POST requests. POST is recommended due to the potentially large request size.

Note Currently, the /metadata endpoint only supports GET

Note If duplicate parameters are present in the query string and request body of a POST, the request body will override behavior

Base EAOT Path

Selecting Catalogs

The EAOT API currently supports the querying of exoplanets.org, NEXSCI, and TOI. To access the different version of the HSC catalogs, indicate the version within the path:

Accessing the different catalogs

Searching EAOT


Counts may be returned based on a given query (search query creation details below)

To access counts, append the /count path

Example Count for EAOT

CSV Count Example

Meta Data

The /metadata path provides additional information of available columns for a given catalog. The additional information includes: column name, column data type, and column description.

Example Receive metadata for EAOT

Meta Data Request Example

General Searching

Please read documentation for more detailed general search guidelines for our catalog services. Using MAST Catalogs


View Encoding Formats

/ Default
GET /eaot/search

/ With Decorator
GET /eaot/search.json

/ With Parameter
GET /eaot/search/format=json

/ With Accept Header
GET /eaot/search
ACCEPT: application/json
Selecting Columns

View Selecting Columns

EAOT planet_mass, planet_temperature columns GET
/ note case insensitivity

Column Filtering

View Column Filtering

EAOT planet_radius greater than or equal to 1 POST

View Sorting

EAOT Sort By orbital_period descending (DESC) and transit_duration ascending (ASC) POST

View Paging

EAOT POST Second Page of Page Size of 100

EAOT API Services

GET /?/search.*/?

Query view based on filter criteria :argument string columns: A list of column names to include :argument string sort_by: A list of columns to sort by :return list results: result of query